A brief introduction to Truck World

Truck World is a business simulation game in iOS platform. When the game was early in conception, we investigated the most popular simulation games on mobile device and some nice ideas were discussed thoroughly. The game is created with our love and passion as we believe that the sincerity we put in game can always be felt by the people who play it while the shoddy made product is always worthless and negligible.

The basic gameplay of Truck world is simple. At the beginning there’s only one small truck and a green-hand driver with you. All you have to do is choosing from received orders and assigning your team to start delivery cargos to their destination. You will get paid when the task is done and the primitive accumulation begins. With more profit you can scale up your freight company in nearly every aspect such as base construction, truck collecting, driver cultivating, territory expanding and so on. The pleasure of the game mainly comes from the fulfillment in managing the whole business better and better. But more than that, there’s a lot of impressive features you may discover in game!

Here are some more about Truck World you may be interested in:

  • The drivers are in your management. You are the boss and they are employees. You need to pay salary for their service. Different drivers may be different in level and speciality and can be cultivated on later.
  • There are more than 35 kinds of freight trucks designed and 10 of them are available during the preview version of the game. Nearly every of them originates from one model of real-world trucks and the ability is also partly on that account. You can visit our Facebook for more information about them!
  • The map of the game world is based on the real European continent, lots of well-known cities are included in game.
  • The abundant cargos are from five industries in more than 180 types. They are not only different in name or icon but some certain means to influence the final delivery profit.
  • The bank provides you with the possibility of making money making use of bank loans! That makes the game more strategic if you can handle.
  • We notice that the process and the result of freighting is always boring, so some random events –good or bad – may occur to make it more entertaining.
  • There’s indeed brand awareness of your company to different industries. It’s like reputation system in some games and the higher reputation you gain, the more business and profit you will receive.
  • Truck World integrates achievement system in game. These achievements are not disturbing pop-up messages, they are valuable for their specific rewards for you. Besides, they are interesting in naming if you notice that.
  • The art style of our game is amazing! The carefully outlined world map, the meticulously depictured city facilities, the beautiful scenery of four seasons of sun and rain, mountains and rivers in journey, the nicely designed trucks, even the complicated cargos are all well-drawn. There’s indeed wonderful views in game!
  • The music of Truck World is an important part we cannot miss! It’s originally composed with high quality. The rhythm and melody match with the game nicely and you will like it!

Creating a game is such a delight for us but sharing the delight to you all is even more. If you are interested in Truck World, please feel free to contact us at our website, Facebook or E-mail. We will appreciate that!

The OCDOM and the Truck World

What have we lived for ? The answer for it varies from person to person. The longing for love, the search for knowledge, and the unbearable pity for the suffering of mankind, that’s what Bertrand Russell answered. Perhaps a flat light life with relaxing afternoon tea, or comfortable carefree career?

No need to be so lofty. The original idea was simple —— make a game while young and enthusiastic in spare time. If lucky enough with the product, that’s good; if unlucky, it’s still OK for what we have learned and experienced. Since there’s nothing to lose, the proposal was accepted immediately.

A team was gathered at once. Separated tasks on project planning, game designing, UI & Art designing and app programming were then assigned to skilled partners, the right role does the right thing. Besides, we invited ET, the co-founder of eumlab.com , as our music producer to compose wonderful original music for the game. Every member of us was carefully selected. We all love game and are passionate on our project. Although we do it in spare time, the progress is still satisfactory. We named the team OCDOM—— it is an onomatopoeia which represents the sound of a kind of clockwork warrior.

We are not novices in iOS app developing, but what we face now is a totally different app genre, and developing an independent game is still a great challenge for all of us. Do it blindly, or do it well prepared, of course we chose the latter. We consulted with some experienced iOS game developers and benefited greatly from them such as  how to run a project efficiently and what the current iOS game market is like. We discussed on the most popular games and finally decided to develop a simulation game. The simulation game is not as flooding as other games such as common strategy games or card games, and the needed numerical relationship and logic system is just what we are skilled at during previous works. So the project started, Truck World is the name of the creation.

The Truck World is set in continent of European where players act the part of the boss  of a truck freight company. At the beginning there’s only one green hand driver and a small truck to assign. As the game goes on, more money is earned to promote the business so more advanced drivers  trucks and different cities are available. With good operating strategy the company may grow stronger, even monopolize the entire trucking industry. The fun of the game mainly comes from that process. In addition, there are also other unique designs to make the game interesting and amusing.

The developing progress  is now drawing nearer to an end and the preview of the game is due soon. We can’t predict how the game will be in vast app game market in future, but we do our best to create such a game with touchable sincerity, love and passion.